Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bye paunch, bye cellulite!!!

The greatest desire of women (most at least) is to have that smooth abdomen, and without any trace of cellulite.
The truth is that losing belly and put an end to cellulite are one of the most difficult goals to achieve. But it is not impossible.

With a proper diet, regular exercise, and of course, a proper medical guidance it is possible to get there.

Now, some effective tips to obtain the best results:

1. Aerobic Exercise:

Just do it

Are execellent for eliminate fat, since it has high calorie burning. Provide numerous  health benefits, since there is improvement in quality of life

Examples: swimming, jogging, dancing, etc.

2. Diet

Delete white flour, sugar and increase the consumption of low-Glycemic carbohydrates and lean proteins. Diets rich in lean proteins speed up metabolism, increase fat burning and promote satiety. Fruits are also great allies to keep fit.


Water, water, always drink plenty of water. Is grear for elimination of toxins and smooth functioning of the intestine

4. Time To Eat

The ideal is to eat every three hour. since spending a lot of time without eating slows down the metabolism stimulating the accumulation of fat. Fruits, yougurts, cereals, proteins are worth.

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