Thursday, 27 February 2014


Hi everyone!!!
Today I was searching internet fashion references, I ended up discovering a great source, and well within a mile of where I am. Is the MUM- Museu da Moda
It was in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul-BR that the stylist gaucha Milka Wolf, with help from historian Deborah Elmann, invested 50 years of experience to give life to the Fashion Museum in which visitors walk through the corridors of collection of works of art reproduced through research, creating pieces faithfully prepared according to modeling, dyeing, fabrics, and sewing techniques that represent periods. 
The collection starts in antiquity, while the concept of fashion did not yet exist, but the clothing indicated social distinction, and reaches to the present day.
It's a real trip back in time, and worth the visit!

Source ofImages: MUM

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